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Window Wallet

Cryptonium Coin electronic wallet is called Windows Wallet for Windows. You can utilize it by introducing Windows on your PC. Windows Wallet enables you to lead exchanges, send and get subsidizes over the globe.


By printing out your own particular alter safe Cryptonium Coin Paper wallets and creating your own particular locations, you can limit your introduction to programmers and additionally dishonest individuals in your home or office.

Cryptonium Coin Wallet

A peer-to-peer digital Wallet with a distributed, decentralized public ledger.

Cryptonium Coin Wallet is a key component of the Cryptonium Coin trading environment. The Cryptonium Coin Wallet iOS and Android applications make it basic for you to exchange computerized monetary standards and resources on the Cryptonium Coin Exchange, our cutting edge exchanging stage with zero commission. Prompt settlement and direct proprietorship are empowered by dispersed record innovation. Presently anybody can exchange effortlessly!

The Cryptonium Coin  Core wallet depends on the outstanding Litecoin Core QT wallet, yet it has a custom stylish. Anybody acquainted with this one will be up and running with the Cryptonium Coin wallet in almost no time.

The wallet incorporates Cryptonium Coin’s best known highlights: Send and Received. Because of Cryptonium Coin you can send installments anyplace on the planet in a completely mysterious manner. Cryptonium Coin is used to send relatively prompt exchanges that utilization the masternode organize for approval before being incorporated by diggers in a piece.

Coin Specification

low spreads

Matching engine with spread priority.

Guaranteed Execution

Trading at human speed. Best execution guaranteed!

Immediate settlement

Your trade is settled in minutes.

Direct Ownership

Guaranteed by the blockchain.

100% Security

Orders are approved by fingerprint. Your private key is stored on the device.

Immediate settlement

0% commission Zero broker commission.

Cryptonium Coin is an open source, distributed, group driven decentralized digital money that enable individuals to store and put their riches in a non-government controlled cash, and even win a considerable enthusiasm on venture.


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