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The Cryptonium Coin is a non-government contro­lled computerized cash that enables individuals to send cash anywh­ere on the planet ins­tantly, safely and at almost zero cost. Additionally, Cryptonium Coin aims to enable pe­ople to accomplish fina­ncial opportunity by mak­ing each Cryptonium Coin  an enthusiasm bearing resource with hi­gh yearly loan fee. This cutting edge age money related instrument makes a brilliant stockpiling of significant worth th­at is upheld by the system conventions, foundation and administrations.

Advanced Blockchain Technology

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Decentralized and peer-to-peer nature of the Mimo Bits Coin network .

The new Cryptonium Coin  Upgrade conveys another universe of innovation to the blockchain and adds new highlights to Cryptonium Coin . These new highlights imply that there are things that Cryptonium Coin  wallets would now be able to do, that don’t exist in any advanced money on the planet. The Cryptonium Coin  Upgrade is a jump forward for how individuals can utilize Digital Currency.

Presently, Cryptonium Coin  wallets can be utilized to discuss secretly with other Cryptonium Coin  wallets. This change turns the correspondences business on its head and makes another method for conveying secretly utilizing advanced money wallets.

Likewise, Cryptonium Coin  wallets would now be able to send Cryptonium Coin  privately to some other Cryptonium Coin  wallet on the planet.

These two changes, joined with the imaginative approach of Cryptonium Coin  to Proof of Stake, imply that Cryptonium Coin  can now get things done in ways that no other advanced cash can. Supported by the Cryptonium Coin  Foundation, the innovation behind Cryptonium Coin  is by and by driving the area.

Why Cryptonium Coin ?

Be your own bank.

It's Valuable

The minute you obtain Cryptonium Coin it turns into an enthusiasm bearing resource with high yearly financing cost. The intrigue will be progressively lessened over the coming years.

It's Secure

Security lies at the center of Cryptonium Coin. Exchanges are secured by the cutting edge security calculation. Because of cutting edge cryptography accessing your record is essentially incomprehensible.

It's Brand

Cryptonium Coin is the brand you can trust. It isn't perfect for advancing your own business, yet additionally an apparatus that can be used to draw in your clients, bringing your venture into another level.

It's Fast

Cryptonium Coin arrange has been intended to be superb for fast cash exchanges. Masternode controlled QuickTX fundamentally decreases affirmation time while quick square circumstances guarantee unparalleled speed to customary settlement and installment frameworks.

It's EcoLogical

Proff-of-Stake approach significantly decreases carbon impression as well as drastically brings down power utilization making it earth neighborly.

It's Universal Wallet

Our group of versatile specialists guarantees Cryptonium Coin is portable well disposed so you can screen and exchange your distributions in a hurry.

What Is Cryptonium Coin ?

Cryptonium is a crypto-currency investment platform which aims to provide better results by the use of Artificial Intelligence on the Scrypt Algo Trading Platform. Cryptonium is based upon open source block chain technology for fast, secure, private, instant, transparent virtual transactions. Owning Cryptonium is like owning a high yield interest bearing instrument, it will develop its value our time and likely to be traded soon on the exchanges. In future it will be used for pure financial transactions. Our goal is to build a global portfolio for the investors with minimizing the risk and maximizing the profits by investing timely and also exploring the startup eco system.

                     Private Instant Verified Transaction, is a protection engaged, decentralized, open source digital currency keep running by a worldwide group keep running by makers, trailblazers, and innovation aficionados. Cryptonium Coin is a shared computerized cash with a disseminated, decentralized open record, which not at all like those of conventional banks is perceptible and effortlessly examined by anybody.


Cryptonium Coin is an open source, distributed, group driven decentralized digital money that enable individuals to store and put their riches in a non-government controlled cash, and even win a considerable enthusiasm on venture.


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