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The Cryptonium Coin

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We make cryptocurrencies easier to purchase and transfer

Fast Transactions

Send money wherever and it will arrive minutes sometime later, when it is dealt with by the framework.

Global Payments

No outskirts. No forced cutoff points. Cryptonium Coin enables its clients to be in full control of their cash.

Earn Cryptonium Coin

Every client with an adjust assumes a critical part. Premium is earned by each member in Cryptonium Coin.

Low Inflation

A consistently diminishing expansion rate gives ideal monetary conditions Transactions are affirmed by disseminated .

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Advanced Blockchain Technology

About Us

Decentralized and shared nature of the Cryptonium Coin arrange it turns out to be more strong and versatile as it winds up plainly bigger.

The Cryptonium Coin is an advanced money which is bit diverse cash compose from the one that we utilize. You can pay or send cash to anybody, anyplace on the planet as this computerized money and that too in right around zero cost. It’s the fate of all the financial exchange which occurs in the present time. Also, the most critical part is that the exchange happens in rubbing of a moment.

On account of the decentralized and distributed nature of the Cryptonium Coin network it turns out to be more powerful and flexible as it ends up noticeably bigger. We urge all clients to run a full hub, in the event that they can. Running a Cryptonium Coin node does not yet require a tremendous measure of preparing power, however it requires a couple of gigabytes worth of plate space to store the blockchain, and there will be some effect on your transfer speed particularly from associated hubs that are getting up to speed with the blockchain. The most effortless approach to run a Cryptonium Coin node, without influencing your home transfer speed, is to buy a VPS (Virtual Private Server).

Extraordinary thing is that the estimation of a computerized coin isn’t with comparable incentive with the estimation of the monetary forms you picked in. It resembles an open record for everybody for just utilizing it for trade or installment. Besides, Cryptonium Coin is distributed advanced cash, divided and relegated as regular enlist for individuals all around.




Your money. Evolved.

Earn rewards every time you send or spend.


You are dependably responsible for your Cryptonium Coin and your trusted installment processor of decision is responsible for your neighborhood cash.


Naturally, Cryptonium Coin uses a cryptographic framework to exchange stores without the distinguishing data of every client getting to be plainly noticeable on the blockchain.

Fast Transactions

The piece age time with Cryptonium Coin is around 60 seconds contrasted with 10 minutes with the Bitcoin convention.


Issued with no focal specialist. There is no administration, organization, or bank accountable for Cryptonium Coin.

Trustless System

No compelling reason to put stock in any hub with the exception of yourself! Every one of your operations are overseen by your hub and your coins are constantly sheltered and under your control.

Earn Rewards

You can utilize the coins held in your wallet to help secure the Cryptonium Coin organize by staking and procure up to 6% intrigue for every year.

Make your life


Cryptonium Coin is another digital currency in view of new innovation. It’s real advantage is to give significantly more grounded protection to both the senders and collectors of exchanges.

With Cryptonium Coin, you are your own particular bank. Just you control and are in charge of your assets, and your records and exchanges are shielded private from prying eyes. Cryptonium Coin improves upon the base CryptoNote innovation in a few ways that fortify its secrecy and decrease the measure of the worldwide record of all exchanges, called the “blockchain”.

Cryptonium Coin Wallet for Everyone

The Cryptonium Coin Desktop Wallet is locally worked for all major Operating Systems. Our full HD wallet meets the best security guidelines in the business and backings the protected equipment wallet.

Cryptonium Coin wallets interface with completely synchronized system peers expelling the need to download the full blockchain. With the Cryptonium Coin wallet you are up and running when it’s introduced, no all the more matching up! Also, with 8 second square circumstances you can really observe your exchanges happen progressively! No all the more checking in at regular intervals to check whether your exchanges were affirmed.

The Problem We Solve

Blockchain Technology Requires An Infrastructure

Digital money ventures are as of now created in segregation from each other because of the absence of a typical framework. Subsequently, the ability to advance is constrained and extends sit around idly and cash in taking care of similar issues again and again. Blockchain innovation organizations and activities require an approach to use from the accomplishments of each other.


The Private untraceable Cryptocurrency

An enterprise-ready solution.

Make Your Money, Your Way.

You are your own bank.

Instant international payments

Cryptonium Coin organize exists in the Internet and works nearly as quick as the Internet itself. Some time is required to process the installment, as it requires cryptographic affirmation. It takes 2 minutes.

Your funds are reliably secure

Cryptonium Coin ensures client's cash with the most secure and present day cryptographic calculations. They are difficult to hack. The hacking endeavor itself would require gigantic measure of costly power and computational energy of a supercomputer. You are the special case who can get to your wallet.

Cryptonium Coin is an open source, distributed, group driven decentralized digital money that enable individuals to store and put their riches in a non-government controlled cash, and even win a considerable enthusiasm on venture.


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